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Development on Brick Church Lane Decision THIS Thursday, May 13 @ 4PM

A proposal to build nearly 200 homes on Brick Church Lane against I-24 and Briley Parkway will be decided at the Planning Commission Meeting Thursday, May 13th. Please help us stop this development and urge Metro Planning to enforce the Metro Code, Nashville Next policy, and subdivision regulations by disapproving this proposal. The proposal is too dense, even for T3NE policy, and does not reflect the rural character of the surrounding homes. There are also several safety concerns for the property.

How You Can Help Stop This Development

  1. Email the Metro Planning Commission in Opposition to 2021S-069-001 by 3:00 PM Central Time on Tuesday, May 11th (important to meet this deadline or your email will not be considered as part of the public record)

Send an email saying you are against this development (with your street address) to: (District 3 Councilwoman)

Cc: (to ensure everyone’s comments get in the final record)

Tell them why you are opposed to the development proposed on Brick Church Lane agenda item #2021S-069-001. Add your own words and explanations. Here are some ideas:

  • Too much density for Brick Church Lane and even T3NE policy
  • Does not abide by the cluster lot zoning codes
  • Neighbors strongly opposed
  • Safety issues of traffic on Brick Church Lane
  • Homes will be surrounded by I-24, Briley Parkway, TVA High Power Electric Lines, and the FedEx Ground center
  • The lot is existing dense forest with little preservation of the natural areas
  • Does not match the rural character of the area west of I-24
  • Add your thoughts!

2. Attend the Metro Planning Commission virtual hearing on this development on Thursday, May 13th at 4:00PM

  • Tune into the meeting broadcast at Nashville > Information Technology Services > Cable Television Services > Metro Nashville Network > Live Streaming
  • Wait for the Chair to announce when your item is ready for live call in.
  • Dial 629-255-1901 and wait for operator assistance. Please note that this phone number is only in service during the meeting, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
  • You will be asked if you are calling for the current case on hearing say Heartland North – 2021S-069-001 – Brick Church Lane
  • Mute your TV or live stream when it is your turn to speak (to avoid echoing).
  • Once your testimony begins, you state your name, address, and whether you are for or against the case, and give reasons why.
  • During your testimony, you will receive a 30-second warning. Each person will ONLY get 2 minutes (including the time to say your name and address).
  • Note: Information about attending in person will be updated as Planning posts procedures

3. Sign Our Petition Opposing the Development

Show your support by signing this petition against the proposal. This list will be shared with the Planning Commission.

Brick Church Lane Planning Hearing 11/9 3:30PM @ Howard Office Bldg

Dear Supporters of,

Please send an email opposing item #6 on the agenda – 2017S-266-001 to by Wednesday 11/8 at 5PM.

Then, plan on attending the Planning Commission hearing at the Howard Building on Thursday 11/9 @ 3:30PM. Link to Map Here.

A developer has proposed a cluster lot subdivision of 200 house on Brick Church Lane near Trail Hollow Rd. This is a very rural area with only about 20 homes, so there is not a large population of neighbors to draw upon for help. Please stand in solidarity with us against this proposal.

We oppose this development as proposed because of the following issues:

  • Proposed development is incompatible with the rural character of the community.
  • The neighborhood unanimously opposes this development.
  • The homes and farms on Brick Church Lane average 16 acres per unit. This cluster lot development is 64 times more dense at 4.35 units per acre (versus acres per unit).
  • The proposal exploits the cluster lot process to gain greater density while offering none of the expected open space gains. Much of the proposed open space is undevelopable or unusable (steeply sloped or beneath TVA lines).
  • Nearly all of the lot is dense forest and likely includes rare and fragile Cedar Glade ecosystems – counter to the Mayor’s efforts to preserve what remains of Nashville’s tree canopy.
  • The area is currently T3NE policy, intended for suburban areas seeking higher density, but no suburban context exists: the site is on a curving and hilly rural lane, with no direct access to a transit corridor, landlocked by interstate 24 and Briley Parkway, largely surrounded by T2 Rural, within an established rural pattern.
  • There are nearly 800 additional homes already approved or proposed within a 1.5 mile radius of this site – most in the General Services district with little infrastructure to support such drastic growth.
  • The new roads proposed have limited visibility and are blocked by a blind curve to the west and a hill to the east and do not align with the existing street at Trail Hollow.

PLEASE use your authority as the Planning Commission to disapprove agenda item #6 – Brick Church Lane (2017S-226-001).

When you arrive at the hearing:
– Wear a bright blue/turquoise shirt
– Sign in on the forms at the desk outside the auditorium for those wishing to speak (even if you are not going to speak) and mark that you are OPPOSED to item 2017S-226-001
– Be brief and avoid repeating your neighbors
– Each person is allowed 2 minutes to speak
– Do not speak negatively of staff, commissioners, or councilpersons

Some commission members ave recently joined the Planning Commission and may not be familiar with rural Brick Church Lane/Whites Creek.

Here is a lovely aerial video of the Brick Church Lane neighborhood to help demonstrate our rural neighborhood.

Encourage the commission that they have the authority to DISAPPROVE proposals which lack the support of the community regardless of staff recommendation or any claims of entitlement by the developer. The Commission bears the responsibility to DISAPPROVE proposals that do not meet the policy and subdivision regulations. And it is the purpose of the Planning Commission to DISAPPROVE incompatible, inconsistent proposals (like this one).

As always, thank you for your support. Please reach out if you have any questions about this request.

Elise Hudson, Admin